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Ahhh the Bumblie
sub-category : Rock Climbing
img 01-24-2011

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Went back to the Rimrocks outside Billings last fall with Todd. We had great weather. This area is also known as the Horse Pasture. This areas boasts the highest concentration of climbs (over 50). Access the top of the Rims is by chimneys just west and left of the Center Face or at the far west end just west of the Cliffs of Insanity. A lot of people set up their top ropes by solo Walk Up but be careful. We saw one goofy kid fall about 15 feet and sprain his wrist. We spent most of the day at Gregory Hills. These shots are off Bumblie with a Drill. It’s a pretty easy 5.9 climb that topropes and shares anchors with GUTCYP. The total length of the route is about 40 or 50 feet.
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